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Vortrag von John Carlos Rowe: "Why Did Henry James Hate Richard Wagner, or The Two Modernisms"


John Carlos Rowe ist USC Associates’ Professor of the Humanities an der University of Southern California.

Zeit und Ort: Montag, 02. Juni 2014, 18-20 Uhr, Toscanasaal, Residenz

Henry James’s hatred of Richard Wagner has long drawn comments from scholars, who have offered very different biographical and cultural reasons. Rowe reconsiders the biographical evidence for James’s jealousy of Wagner for luring Paul Zhukovsky, the son of the Russian poet and translator, Vasily Zhukovsky, into Wagner’s inner circle, which included advocacy of “free love,” including gay sexual relations.

The talk is part of Rowe’s current book project, Our Henry James, which focuses on how unresolved social, political, and cultural issues represented in James’s modernist writings help explain our continuing interest in his works today.

Gefördert durch die Bayerische Amerika-Akademie.