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Music-language alignment

Music-Language Alignment: Implications for Prosodic Typology

In this project we investigate the way language is set to music. Specifically, we aim to identify the musical parameters (metrical position: strong/weak, pitch: exalted/level, duration: long/short etc.) that language docks on to resulting in the alignment of music and prosody. The interaction between the alignment of different parameters will help enhance our understanding about the factors that condition the weight of these potential parameters in the “docking” process.

By examining music-prosody alignment in multiple languages and by interpreting our findings with reference to the prosodic systems languages employ we hope to answer more general questions about prosodic typology, particularly with regards to the physical properties as well as the functions of prominence patterns in different languages.


Prof. Dr. Barış Kabak
Dr. Christina Domene Moreno


Domeno Moreno, C. and B. Kabak. (in progress). Meter, melody, and stress in song: Theorizing prosody-music alignment through cross-linguistic evidence. For: M. Scharinger and R. Wiese (eds.), Prosody from a Cross-Domain Perspective: How Language Speaks to Music (and Vice Versa).

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