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    "Structural factors in the emergence, persistence and regularization of exceptional stress patterns in Turkish. Paper
    presented at the Fourth Edinburgh Symposium on Historical Phonology. University of Edinburgh (with Janne Lorenzen).

    Stress-melody alignment reflects language-specific cues for accentual prominence. Paper presented at Generative Linguistics beyond Language: Shared Modules for Rhythm, Narration and Emotion across Domains, workshop at Generative Linguistics in the Old World (GLOW) 42. University of Oslo (with Christina Domene Moreno). 07.-11.05.2019.

    "Prosodic cues for rhythm in adult vs. child-directed songs. Paper presented at the 41st Annual Meeting of the German
    Society of Linguistics (DGfS). University of Bremen (with Christina Domeno Moreno). 06-08.03.2019."

    Structural concomitants of final vs. non-final stress reveal how two separate stress systems evolved in Turkish: Evidence from a database study. Paper presented at the 16th Old World Conference on Phonology. University of Verona, Italy (with Janne Lorenzen and Marie-Christin Himmel). 16-18.01.2019.

    Bilingual and monolingual speech rhythm in additional language learning. Paper presented at the 28th Conference of the European Second Language Association (EUROSLA 28). University of Münster (with Christina Domene Moreno). 05-08.09.2018.

    Psycho-typologizing word stress through prosody-music alignment in children’s songs. Paper presented at the 40th Annual Meeting of the German Society of Linguistics (DGfS). University of Stuttgart (with Christina Domene Moreno). 07-09.03.2018.

    Which factors determine the degree of rhoticity in Expanding Circle Englishes: The case of Chinese English. Paper presented at 7th Biennial International Conference on the Linguistics of Contemporary English. Universidade de Vigo, Spain (with Zeyu Li). 28-30.09.2017.

    A cross-linguistic perspective on stress-meter alignment in music: Evidence from Turkish children's songs (Poster). Phonetics and Phonology in Europe 2017. Universität Köln (with Christina Domene Moreno). 12-14.06.2017.

    Crosslinguistic interaction in bilingual speech perception and production. Invited speaker. Ringvorlesung: “Neue Sprachräume und Sprachkontakt durch Migration”. Forschungszentrum “Arealität und Sozialität in der Sprache”, Christian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel. 06.06.2017.

    What modulates the L3 perception and production of English phonological contrasts? The case of Turkish-German bilinguals (Poster). Workshop on Multilingual Language Acquisition, Processing and Use. Adam Mickiewicz University. Poznan, Poland (with Christina Domene Moreno). 06-07.05.2017.

    Phonetic invariance in L2 modulates allophonic realizations in L1: Evidence from bilingual production of laterals. Paper presented at Old World Conference on Phonology (OCP 14). University of Düsseldorf (with Marie-Christin Himmel). 20.-22.02.2017.

    What can accent-meter alignment in music say about prosodic typology. Paper presented at Seminar on General Metrics. Meertens Instituut, Amsterdam (with Christina Domene Moreno). 25.01.2017.

    Refining Turkish stress as a multifaceted phenomenon. Keynote speaker at the Conference on Central Asian Languages and Linguistics (ConCALL-2). University of Indiana, Bloomington, IN, USA. 07.-09.10.2016.

    Multilingual advantage and crosslinguistic influence in the acquisition of an L3 phonology by young learners of English. Paper presented at the 26th Annual Conference of the European Second Language Association (EUROSLA-26). University ofJyväskylä, Finnland (with Christina Domene Moreno). 24-27.08.2016.

    Post-pubescent long-term exposure to non-rhoticity causes qualitativ and quantitative changes in the realization of postvocalic /r/. Poster presented at the Biennial Conference on Laboratory Phonology (LabPhon15), Cornell University, Ithaca, United States (with Marie-Christin Himmel). July 13th-16th 2016.

    Adaptation or attrition? L1 rhoticity in American English-German late bilinguals. Presentation at the Third international conference on Language Attrition (ICLA3), University of Essex, United Kingdom (with Marie-Christin Himmel). July 5th-7th 2016.

    If stress is inert, what good does it do? Paper presented at the Workshop "Functions of Rhythm and Stress", University of Utrecht, the Netherlands. 04 March 2016.

    The loss and variable realization of /r/ in a rhotic language: Evidence from post-pubescent exposure to non-rhoticity. Paper presented at the 13th Old World Conference in Phonology, Budapest, Hungary (with Marie Christin Himmel). 13-16 January 2016.

    Structural complexity, recursion, and the genesis of prosodic idiosyncrasies. Paper presented at the 48th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea. Leiden University Center for Linguistics, The Netherlands (with Anthi Revithiadou). 02.09.2015.

    L2 production of formulaic sequences. Paper presented at the 25th Annual Conference of the European Second Language Association (EUROSLA-25). Université d’Aix-Marseille, France (with Bianca Mohr). 26-29.08.2015.

    Rhoticity in Language Attrition: The case of American English -German Bilinguals. Paper presented at the 25th Annual Conference of the European Second Language Association (EUROSLA-25). Université d’Aix-Marseille, France (with Marie-Christin Himmel), 26-29.08.2015.

    Word stress controvery at the phonology-morphosyntax interface. Invited speaker. Goethe Universität Frankfurt am Main. Institut für Linguistik. 2 February 2015.

    'L2 production of formulaic sequences'. Paper presented at Workshop: Linguistic and psycholinguistic studies in L2 phonology. University of Stuttgart. 21-22 November 2014 (with Bianca Mohr).

    'Influence of orthography on the perception of English schwa'. Paper presented at Workshop: Linguistic and psycholinguistic studies in L2 phonology. University of Stuttgart. 21-22 November 2014 (with Susanne Scheidemantel).

    'Negative evidence incites tacit L2 knowledge: Evidence from learning a novel grammatical rule'. Paper presented at the 24th Annual Conference of the European Second Language Association (EUROSLA 24). University of York, York, United Kingdom. 3-6 September 2014 (with Kirsten Meemann).

    Word stress controversy at the phonology-morphosyntax interface. Invited speaker. Zentrum für Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft, Berlin. 19 June 2014. 

    Implications of accentual regularities for prosodic typology. Invited speaker. Miniconference: Metrical Structure: Acquisition and Processing. Utrecht Institute of Linguistics, Utrecht, the Netherlands. 15-17 April 2014. 

    Appalachian English speakers’ intuitions about a-prefixing. The 5th International Conference on Linguistics of Contemporary English. University of Texas at Austin, USA. 25.-29.09.2013 (with Kirsten Meemann).

    Interface or gradience? An ME study on bilinguals (Poster). Workshop on Neurobilingualism. University of Groningen, the Netherlands. 25.-27.08.2013 (with Elif Bamyaci).

    'Non-convergence and optionality in bilinguals at the semantics-morphosyntax interface?' Paper to be presented at Workshop: Acquisition at the Interface. Center for Advanced Study in Theoretical Linguistics (CASTL). 22-23 October 2012. University of Tromso, Norway (with Elif Bamyaci).

    'Native-like phonological representations? Acoustic, Phonetic and Phonological Factors in Non-Native Speech'. Paper presented at Workshop: Universal or Diverse Paths to English Phonology. Universität Münster. 19-21 September 2012.

    'Bilinguals' processing of gradient structures: A magnitude estimation study'. Invited talk presented at the Workshop: Studies on normal and impaired language acquisition in monolingual and bilingual children and adults. 12-13 July 2012. University of Konstanz, Germany (with Elif Bamyaci).

    'Default stress and rhythmic alternations as evidence for trochaic foot in Russian' Paper presented at the 13th Conference on Laboratory Phonology, 27-29 July 2012, University of Stuttgart (with Yulia Lavitskaya).

    'Gradience and change at the morphosyntax-semantics interface: Turkish number agreement and animacy hierarchy' Paper presented at the 8th Workshop on Altaic Formal Linguistics. 18-20 May 2012, University of Stuttgart (with Elif Bamyaci).

    'Seeking for the default in a lexical stress system' Talk presented at the Ninth Old World Conference in Phonology, 18-21 January 2012, ZAS, Berlin (with Yulia Lavitskaya).

    ‘Pronouns as indicators of modality shift: The ‘perplexive’ construction in Turkish’. Talk presented at the 44th Annual Meeting of the Societas Linguistica Europaea. 8-11 September 2011. Universidad de la Rioja, Logroño, Spain (with Asli Göksel).

    Lexical encoding of L2 tonal contrasts: The role of L1 stress parameters’. Talk presented at Phonetics and Phonology in Iberia 2011. 21-22 June 2011. Tarrogona, Spain (with Tobias Galts and Bettina Braun).

    Tonal variation in Taiwan Mandarin’. Talk presented at Phonetics and Phonology in Iberia 2011. 21-22 June 2011. Tarrogona, Spain (with Wen-Hsuan Chiao and Tobias Galts).

    Which bilinguals are faster in conflict processing: The role of linguistic (dis)similarity’. Talk presented at the 10th International Symposium of Psycholinguistics. 13-16 April 2011. Donastia, San Sebastian, Spain (with Bettina Braun and Sonja Froitzheim).

    L1 stress typology matters in the lexical encoding of novel tonal contrasts. Poster presented at the 10th International Symposium of Psycholinguistics. 13-16 April 2011. Donastia, San Sebastian, Spain (with Bettina Braun and Tobias Galts).

    ‘Russian accentual system revisited: Experimental and diachronic evidence’. Poster presented at the 8th Old World Conference in Phonology. 19-22 January 2011. Marrakech, Morocco (with Yulia Lavitskaya).

    ‘Prosodic basis of syntactic doubling’. Paper presented at the 8th Old World Conference in Phonology. 19-22 January 2011. Marrakech, Morocco (with Asli Göksel and Anthi Revithiadou).

    ‘German L2 learners’ production of Italian consonantal length contrasts”. Paper presented at the 20th Conference of the European Second Language Association (EUROSLA 2010). 1-4 September 2010. University of Modena und Reggio Emilia, Italy (with Tanja Reckziegel).

    ‘Epenthetic vowels: a mere gestural mistiming?’. Poster presented at the 12th Conference on Laboratory Phonology. 8-10. July 2010. University of New Mexico, USA (with Frank Zimmerer).

    ‘Plural agreement and animacy in Turkish: An acceptability judgment study’. Paper presented at the 15th International Conference on Turkish Linguistics (ICTL). 20-22 August 2010. Szeged, Hungary (with Elif Bamyaci).

    ‘Bilinguals’ production & perception of Swiss-German and Italian vowels’. Paper presented at the 19th Annual Conference of the European Second Language Association (EuroSLA 19). 2-5 September 2009, University College, Cork, Ireland (with Annina Giger).

    ‘Copying and iteration at the morphology-syntax interface’. Paper presented at the 2009 Annual Meeting of the Linguistics Association of Great Britain (LAGB): Fiftieth Anniversary Golden Jubilee Meeting. 6-9 September 2009, Edinburgh, UK. (with Aslı Göksel & Anthi Revithiadou).

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    Domeno Moreno, C. and B. Kabak. (in progress). Meter, melody, and stress in song: Theorizing prosody-music alignment through cross-linguistic evidence. For: M. Scharinger and R. Wiese (eds.), Prosody from a Cross-Domain Perspective: How Language Speaks to Music (and Vice Versa).

    Domeno Moreno, C. and B. Kabak. (to appear). Monolingual-bilingual (non-)convergence in L3 rhythm. In: R. Fuchs (ed.), Speech Rhythm in L1, L2 and Learner Varieties of English (Book Series: Prosody, Phonology and Phonetics). Springer.

    Kabak, Barış and Janne Lorenzen (2020). Paradigm leveling and regularization derive variation in stress: A corpus study
    on Turkish non-final stress at the morphology-phonology interface. In: A. Gürer, D. Uygun Gökmen & B. Öztürk (Eds.),
    Morphological complexity within and across boundaries. In honour of Aslı Göksel, 194-210. Studies in Language Companion
    Series (SLCS). John Benjamins.

    Kabak, B. (2019). A dynamic equational approach to sound patterns in language change and second language acquisition: The (un)stability of English dental fricatives illustrated. In: Ruth Moehlig-Falke and Beatrix Busse (eds.), Patterns in Language and Linguistics. New Perspectives on a Ubiquitous Concept. Topics in English Linguistics [TiEL] 104, 221-254. Berlin, Boston: Mouton de Gruyter.

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    a) Current PhD Projects

    Domene Moreno, Christina (in progress). Beyond transfer? The acquisition of an L3 phonology by Turkish-German bilinguals. University of Würzburg.

    Himmel, Marie Christin (in progress). The production of postvocalic /r/ in first language attrition and second language acquisition. University of Würzburg.

    Krebs, Matthias (in progress). Allophonic variation, target accents and the role of input in non-native English. University of Würzburg.

    b) Completed PhD Projects

    Bamyacı, Elif. (2015) Competing Structures in the Bilingual Mind: A Psycholinguistic Investigation of Optional Verb Number Agreement. Doctoral Dissertation. University of Konstanz.

    Lavitskaya, Yulia. (2015) Prosodic Structure of Russian: A Psycholinguistic Investigation of the Metrical Structure of Russian Nouns. Doctoral Dissertation. University of Konstanz.

    In 2016, Yulia Lavitskaya won Wissenschaftsförderpreis of the City of Konstanz for best dissertation. 

    Nowossjelow, Georgij (2015) Suspended Affixation in Korean. Doctoral Dissertation. University of Konstanz

    c) Work in progress:

    Clash of patterns in second and third language phonological development

    Disentangling stress from pitch accent: Typological and psycholinguistic insights

    Word stress in music: Crosslinguistic insights (with Christina Domene Moreno)

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    Average Formant Values for Turkish vowels based on 2 speakers (Kazumi Maniwa and Baris Kabak)