Lehrstuhl für Englische Sprachwissenschaft


    Prof. Dr. Carolin Biewer

    Room: 5.E.22
    Phone: +49 931 31-80224
    Email: carolin.biewer@uni-wuerzburg.de


    "I find cultural motivations of language use quite fascinating.They play an important role in the evolution and dynamics of South Pacific Englishes."

    Prof. Dr. Barış Kabak

    Room: 5.U.12
    Phone: +49 931 31-86519
    Fax: +49 931 31-85660
    Email: baris.kabak@uni-wuerzburg.de


    "My research interests comprise the way we represent linguistic knowledge in our mind with an emphasis on how we learn, store, process and use the sound patterns of the languages we know, and how these patterns interact with other components of language such as sentence formation and meaning, as well as with domains outside language such as music."


    Dr. Christina Domene Moreno

    Room: 5.U.11
    Phone: +49 931 31-80275
    Email: christina.domene-moreno@uni-wuerzburg.de


    "I am particularly interested in the sounds of language and in how they are treated by different speakers and in different domains."


    Regina Grund

    Room: 5.U.11
    Phone: +49 931 31-87765
    Email: regina.grund@uni-wuerzburg.de


    “I am especially interested in the connection between linguistics and TEFL methodology, more specifically in tools and methods that enable successful grammar learning."




    Lisa Lehnen, M.A.

    Room: 5.E.5
    Phone: +49 931 31-83226
    Email: lisa.lehnen@uni-wuerzburg.de



    "I am particularly interested in the use of language in relation to its cultural and societal context, and in how speakers and writers express themselves in different situations."


    Dr. Patrick Maiwald

    Room: 5.E.5
    Phone: +49 931 31-82546
    Email: patrick.maiwald@uni-wuerzburg.de



    "I am interested in the development of the English language over time, using computers to analyze language and texts, the origin and use of words, and matters of pronunciation."



    PD Dr. Elisabeth Reber

    Phone: +49 931 31-85569
    Email: elisabeth.reber@uni-wuerzburg.de



    "In my research, I am interested in how participants use verbal and non-verbal resources for meaning-making in social interaction, the patterned form-meaning pairings emergent in language use, and how language use may show change and variation across time and space."


    Dr. Ninja Schulz

    Room: 5.E.21
    Phone: +49 931 31-83593
    Email: ninja.schulz@uni-wuerzburg.de



    "I am particularly interested in the mechanisms of language change and, in this context, the complex interplay of language-internal and language-external factors influencing the choice of one variant over the other."


    Dr. Teresa Pham

    Email: teresa.pham@uni-wuerzburg.de




    "My main research interests are text linguistics and syntax. In text linguistics, I am particularly interested e.g. in how references to other texts (so-called intertextual references) work, but also in how new registers like memes develop and how language users can intuitively recognize their characteristic linguistic features. As far as syntax is concerned, I am fascinated by deviations from an expected default and the functions that these deviations can fulfil."

    Sonja Kuhn

    Room: 5.E.23
    Phone: +49 931 31-88271
    L-engl.sprachwi@uni-wuerzburg.de / sonja.kuhn@uni-wuerzburg.de




    Sabine Heps

    Room: 5.E.24
    Email: hiwi.engl.sprawi@uni-wuerzburg.de

    Luca Bernardi

    Room: 5.E.24
    Email: hiwi.engl.sprawi@uni-wuerzburg.de

    Anna Centner

    Room: 5.E.24
    Email: hiwi.engl.sprawi@uni-wuerzburg.de

    Dr. Dr. Alena Soloshenko

    Geolingual Studies
    Josef-Martin-Weg, 52 (rechts)
    Room: 202 GLS 
    Phone: +49 931 3181652
    Email: alena.soloshenko@uni-wuerzburg.de 


    "My work focuses on examining the interconnections between language, cognition and emotion in the context of urbanisation in megacities and smart cities. I specialise in cognitive semantics, corpus-based analysis and multimodal discourse analysis and am interested in human-nature relationships and the aesthetics of everyday urban places."

    Dr. Richard Lemoine Rodriguez

    Geolingual Studies
    Josef-Martin-Weg, 52 (rechts)
    Room: 202 GLS 
    Phone: +49 931 31-81019
    Email: richard.lemoine-rodriguez@uni-wuerzburg.de   


    "My research integrates concepts and state-of-the-art methods from urban ecology, geoinformatics and digital humanities to generate evidence-based knowledge to contribute to making more livable cities. I focus on the spatiotemporal characterization of the physical and social urban dimensions, aiming to unveil complex interconnections and counterintuitive relationships between humans and their main habitat: Cities."

    Sebastian Düker

    Melissa Auer

    Corinna Keupp