Anglistik und Amerikanistik

Veranstaltungen mit Janice Perry


Janice Perry, Performance-Künstlerin und Lehrende an der University of Vermont wird am 30. und 31. Oktober am Institut zu Gast sein und zwei Veranstaltungen anbieten:

Foto: privat

Workshop: Creating Performance (30.10.2013, 18 Uhr, Mehrzwecksaal Hublandmensa)

A practical workshop for performers and emerging artists from all disciplines. We'll work on interpreting and embodying text from page to stage and work on physical and vocal performance techniques to create new text-based performance.

Performance: Naked at the Met (work-in-progress artist talk/performance) (31.10.2013, 18 Uhr, HS 1)

Naked at the Met is a retrospective and introspective work-in-progress. Naked at the Met describes a fall from and return to grace via gender, an aging body, sexuality, race, memory, uncivil behavior, pole-dancers, public nudity, and a 30-foot free-fall from a moss-covered cliff?and celebrates an essential commitment to the creative process as a survival strategy. Interconnected monologues supported by video clips, digital stills, audio, and other media describe an abrupt transition from physical, intellectual, and emotional fitness and strength to the aftermath of an encounter with a 30-foot cliff acting in a comical collusion with the corollaries of aging.