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Writing Workshop: Term Paper (06.03.-10.03.17)


FSQ Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten (04-En-FSQ4) FSQ Konzeption und Erstellung wissenschaftlicher Arbeiten (04- EnLABA-SQ4) Freier Bereich

04093940: Writing Workshop: Term Paper (06.03.-10.03.17)

This workshop is designed for students who have a term paper coming up and have little or no experience tackling this kind of task. We will focus primarily on the writing process, i.e. you will be offered various methods developed to keep you on track during every stage of  the process of writing a paper. It would be ideal if you had an actual term paper to write and could work on this assignment throughout the week.

You will be required to fulfill several written tasks over the course of the week. In order to receive credit points you will be asked to hand in a portfolio consisting of the work you will have done during the seminar as well as a reflective essay on your experiences of writing a term paper for one of your other courses (not necessarily in the English department).

This workshop is eligible for 5 ECTS points in the FSQ section of all “new” bachelor degrees, for 2 ECTS points in the “old” bachelor degrees, or for 3 ECTS points in Freier Bereich.

Please sign up for this course on sb@home in order to participate. If you have any questions, contact Andrea Bähr.