Stefan Hippler, M. A.

Teaching Experience at the University of Würzburg (since 04/2012)

Undergraduate Seminars / Proseminare
  • "The American Coming-of-Age Narrative"
  • "American Family Drama"
  • "Gender in 20th Century American Drama"
  • "American Coming-of-Age Fiction"
  • "Introduction to 20th Century American Drama"
Discussion Seminars / wiss. Übungen
  • "The American Short Story: the 19th Century"
  • "The American Short Story: the 20th Century"
  • "The Rise of American Drama"
  • "Selected Short Stories by Nathaniel Hawthorne: Texts and Contexts"
Introductory Courses
  • "Introduction to American Studies" (taught regularly)
  • "American History I: From the Beginnings to the Civil War" (taught regularly)