Conference Papers

Molina Klingler, M. A.

"Writing ‘Life’ in Science and Fiction: (No) Tropes of Hope in North American SF" Ecocritical Life Writing in the Dystopic Present - International Workshop. U of Augsburg, Dec. 2019.

“Life in Science Fact and Science Fiction: Octavia Butler’s Xenogenesis Trilogy and the Ecopoetry of Stephen Collis” Corroding the Now: Poetry + Science + SF. U of London (Bloomsbury, UK), April 2019.

“Poetics of Plastics and Plasticity: Adam Dickinson’s Petro-Poetry” Petrocultures 2018 “Transitions” Glasgow University (UK), Aug./Sept. 2018.

“Biosemiosis as Natural Poetry: Cells and Signs in Christian Bök’s ‘The Xenotext’” Ecosemiotic Paradigm For Nature & Culture – Explorations in the Cybernetics of Learning, Adapting, Understanding & Knowing. Mikołów/Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań (Poland), July 2018.

“The Ecopoetics and Biosemiotics of Plastics and Polymers in North American Literature” Project Presentation at the 10th BAA International Summer Academy. Florida State U (Miami, USA), June 2018.

“Life in Capitalist Ruins: Nostalgia and Resistance in ‘Only Lovers Left Alive’” Twelfth Biennial Conference of the Association for the Study of Literature and Environment (ASLE) “Rust/Resistance – Works of Recovery”. Wayne State U (Detroit, USA), July 2017.

“Garbage Matters: A. R. Ammons’ Assemblages and Rhizomatic Ecology” 7th Biennial Conference of EASLCE “Wildness without Wilderness” – The Poiesis of Energy and Instability. Université Libre de Bruxelles (Belgium), Oct. 2016.

“Biopolitics and A. R. Ammons’ Poetry” International Symposium: The Biopolitics of America – Bodies, Environments, and the Liberal Imagination. U of Würzburg, July 2016.

“A. R. Ammons’ Assemblages and Rhizomatic Ecology” International Deleuze Conference – Virtuality, Becoming and Life. U of Roma Tre (Italy), July 2016.

“Vibrant Garbage Matters: Agency in A. R. Ammons ‘Garbage’” International Conference: Encountering Materiality – Science, Art, Language. U of Geneva (Switzerland), May 2016.

“On Power, Patriarchy and Prostitutes in Postcolonial Cairo” English Studies Conference. Eastern Illinois University (USA), April 2015.

“On the Art of Writing After the Age of Mechanical Reproduction: Rhizomatic Metamorphoses Towards a Minor Literature” Midwestern Conference on Language, Literature, Media. Northern Illinois University (USA), March 2015.