Sabrina Hüttner, M. A.

All courses addressed to undergraduate students at the University of Würzburg (2007-2012)

Einführungskurse (auch Basismodul Amerikanistik, Teilmodul 1: Introduction to American Studies)
  • Einführung in die englische Literaturwissenschaft
  • Introduction to American Studies
Proseminare (auch Basismodul Landeskunde und Kulturwissenschaft)
  • American History I – From the Beginnings to the Civil War
  • American History II – From the Civil War tot he Present
Proseminare (auch Basismodul Amerikanistik, Teilmodul 2: Themenbereich Amerikanische Literatur)
  • African-American Writing
  • Political Perspectives in American Theater
  • Edgar Allan Poe at 200: The Artist and His Work
  • My Country, 'Tis of Thee: Representations of America in American Drama
  • The American Presidency in Literature and Film
  • "These Are the Times that Try Men's Souls": Representation of Crisis in American Literature
  • "Voices from the Margin" - Contemporary American Short Stories
  • African American Writing: From Slave Narratives to Contemporary Fiction
  • "Angels in America - Devils in Germany": The Theater of Tony Kushner
  • Approaching Literature from California's Shores: From the Gold Rush Era to the Present
  • Home is Where...: Space, mobility, and concepts of home in 20th century drama
  • Politics, Nation, and Drama
  • American Women Playwrights
  • The Idea that Shaped a Nation: Revisiting the American Dream
Course taught within the framework of the annual summer school (addressed to U.S. exchange students from UT, Austin and SUNY)
  • The History of the European Union and Its Economic Institutions