Anglistik und Amerikanistik

Enjoy a break from exams with Janice Perry 19.07. - 6pm - ÜR 11


JANICE PERRY: NOT JUST ANOTHER PRETTY FACE "One of the World’s Most Respected Performance Artists" - BBC Radio

Perry laughs us through her vibrant retrospective of social criticism and political satire-- from Marilyn Monroe through a few Gulf Wars, High Fashion, Erotica, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Mapplethorpe’s naked men and Censorship. In an evening that is part roller coaster ride, part demolition derby, Perry’s performance embodies US American cultural history from 1981 to the present, laughing all the way. Perry shows documentation video clips from past work to introduce live performance pieces. The work is provocative and remarkably relevant.

Bizarre and Brainy - The Village Voice

The OTHER America - Hamburg Morgenpost

A master at the peak of perfection - Cologne Anzeiger

A cross between Doris Day and a high-velocity rifle - The Independent

Perry began touring in 1981 with her groundbreaking solo performances. Her work has been adapted for television, radio and print in the USA and Europe NPR, PBS, BBC 2, Channel 4, BBC Radio 3, WDR).

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