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    Together with the Indian partners, the DAAD project "Literature in a Globalized World: Creative and Critical Perspectives" regularly conducts a variety of activities and measures at the University of Würzburg and in India.

    Winter term 2020/21

    Online Symposium: Globalized (Neo-)Classicism

    This joint symposium in December 2020, headed by the UGC-DAAD-IGP collaboration between JNU and JMU, seeks to offer a transnational forum for debating phenomena and issues of global (neo-)classicism. In turning to the classics, the symposium will build on the ideas explored under the aegis of the joint project "Literature in a Globalized World: Creative and Critical Perspectives." The following are among the questions to be discussed:

    • Is our globalized era characterized by a rapid increase of '(neo-)classically' oriented literature?
    • What cultural and ideological work are references to and appropriations of ‘the classics’ supposed to do in the world of today?
    • Can classicism be uncoupled from its hegemonic legacy? Can it be a tool of productively making sense in or of reframing the world created by capitalist globalization?
    • What, in particular, is the work done by the contemporary novel of translating or twisting and reworking—in terms of localities, perspectives, genres and genders—‘classical’ themes, modes, and legacies?

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    Seminar “Anglophone African Literatures” taught by Jennifer Leetsch


    Summer term 2020

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all planned guest lectureships, guest professorships, research stays and workshops for spring and summer 2020 had to be cancelled or postponed.

    Seminar “Cultural Studies around the Anglophone World: Confluences and Differences between India, the UK, and the US” taught by Zeno Ackermann and MaryAnn Snyder-Körber

    Seminar “Postcolonial Literature: Politics and Spirituality” taught by Miriam Wallraven

    Seminar “Women’s Travel Writing” taught by Miriam Wallraven

    Seminar “Romantic Orientalism” taught by Johannes Schlegel

    Seminar “Crossing the Waters: Indian Ocean Trajectories” taught by Jennifer Leetsch

    Seminar “Introduction to Caribbean Literature” taught by Sarah Knor


    Winter term 2019/20

    Workshop: Literature in a Globalized World 
    In February 2020, the workshop with the title “Literature in a Globalized World” was held at Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi/India. This workshop was part of the dissemination phase of the project. Participants from both universities presented ongoing research projects, especially PhD and Postdoctoral projects that resulted from the pronounced focus of the project on "literature in a globalized world" and the close cooperation between the two universities over the last four years. [Link to Poster]

    Seminar “Memory Objects in Contemporary Literature” taught by Patricia Kemmer

    Seminar “Exploring the Nineteenth Century: Echoes of Empire” taught by Jennifer Leetsch

    Seminar “Afrofuturism” taught by Jennifer Leetsch


    Summer term 2019

    Guestprofessorship Prof. Saugata Bhaduri (Jawaharlal Nehru University), 25. May to 26. June.

    Guest lecture Prof. Simi Malhotra (Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi): "'New Materialism' as a Response to the 'Crisis' in the Humanities?"; May, 27, 2019, 16-18 Uhr, Philosophisches Institut, ÜR 20

    Guest lecture Prof. GJV Prasad (JNU, Delhi): "Creating Indian Worlds in English"; June 17, 2019, 16-18 Uhr, Z6 2.004

    Seminar "Australian Literature" taught by Baldeep Kaur Grewal 

    Seminar "An Introduction to Postcolonial Studies" taught by Baldeep Kaur Grewal


    Winter term 2018/19

    Kurz-Forschungsaufenthalt in Indien für MA-Studierende und Doktoranden

    Seminar "Refugee Tales: New British Refugee Literature" taught by PD Dr. Miriam Wallraven 

    Seminar "Anglophone African Literature" taught by Jennifer Leetsch 

    Seminar "Canadian Literature" taught by Baldeep Grewal 



    Summerschool 2018: Africa in a Globalized World

    In May 2018, the summer school with the title "Africa in a Globalized World" was held at Julius-Maximilians-Universität in Würzburg.



    Winter term 2017/18

    Guestprofessorship Prof. Shoba Venkatesh Ghosh (University of Mumbai), 26. November to 10. December:

    •  Lecture "Literary Globalisation Studies" as part of the Lecture Series "English Speaking Cultures"; December 8, 2017
    •  Guest teacher in the seminar "Passages to India"

    Guestprofessorship Prof. Ranjan Ghosh (University of North Bengal, Humboldt Fellow), 26. September to 24. October:

    Seminar "Passages to India" taught by Prof. Dr. Zeno Ackermann

    Seminar "Literature of Migration" taught by PD Dr. Miriam Wallraven


    Summer term 2017

    Seminar "Narratives of Globalization" taught by Prof. Dr. Isabel Karremann

    Seminar "Commonwealth Drama" taught by Julia Spahn

    Guestprofessorship Prof. Suagata Bhaduri, in from 15. May to 14. June

    16. May 2017 Literature Reading by writer and novelist Anant Kumar


    Winterschool 2017: Literature in a Globalized World

    In February 2017, the first winter school with the title "Literature in Globalized World", as part of the DAAD project "Literature in a Globalized World: Creative and Critical Perspectives", was held at the Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi/India. 


    Winter term 2016/17

    Seminar “Kipling’s India” taught by Dr. Sarah Knor

    Lectures and one-day workshop offered by Prof. Shoba Venkatesh Ghosh, University of Mumbai, India

    Introduction to the topic of "Cultural Encounters" - Lecture I + II - within the MA-lecture series on December, 9th and 16th

    Winter School at Jawaharlal-Nehru-University, Delhi


    The cooperation is made possible through the funding initiative Indo-German Partnerships in Higher Education of the Indian University Grants Commission (UGC) and the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). This project is financially supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) with funds from the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF).