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Transatlantic Cultures & Histories

Transatlantic Cultures & Histories is a framework for cooperation between Flagler College / St. Augustine, Florida and the Julius-Maximilians-Universität (JMU) Würzburg. Our activities particularly focus on the productive intersections between the cultural landscapes created by regional and global histories, the multidisciplinary perspectives of transnational English and American Studies, and the wide-ranging liberal arts and education perspectives represented at Flagler College.

Six project building blocks lay the groundwork for ongoing cooperation.

Flagler Guest Professors regularly join our faculty in the Winter Term, adding their expertise and transatlantic perspectives to course offerings.

In Winter Term 2023/2024 the American Studies Department welcomes Flagler Professor of Criminology Jordan Bos to Würzburg. Professor Bos’s teaching during her time at JMU focuses on the US-American Criminal Punishment and Corrections System (course no. 04093150, group 2).

Flagler Guest Professor in Winter Term 2022/2023: Professor of Education Edwidge Crevecoeur-BryantProfessor Bryant’s teaching during her time at JMU focused on cross-cultural communications and comparative cases studies in the education of African Americans and Haitians in the United States and Haiti.

“Monuments and Memory” is the focus of the Transatlantic Cultures and Histories Seminar co-taught by faculty from Flagler College, American Studies Würzburg (AmWü), and JMU Regional History (Fränkische Landesgeschichte). The hybrid seminar brings together students to explore collective memory cultures and debates on both sides of the Atlantic: first, in online sessions, followed by on-site collaboration in Würzburg, and concluding with project-based work collected in the Monuments & Memory exhibition. Article on the project (in German)

Our communities come together in regular online, hybrid, and on-site events. Recent events include online workshops on film and visual culture in Winter Term 2021/2022 as well as a two-day intensive workshop on "(Anti)Racism and Education - Transatlantic Perspectives 2022" in Summer Term 2022.

The new Flagler – JMU Transatlantic Junior Fellow Program offers students in English-Speaking Cultures and other Masters programs the opportunity to work closely with a Flagler faculty mentor. Our first  Flagler – JMU Transatlantic Junior Fellow is Nina Wintermeyer. Nina studies in the English-Speaking Masters of Arts (MA) program at the JMU English & American Studies Department and is collaborating with Flagler Professor of Political Science Lorna Bracewell in the areas of Feminist Studies and Theory as well as Transgender Rights during her 2022 exchange semester in St. Augustine. Additionally, students with a Bachelor degree/ major in History can apply for the Master program in Cultural Landscapes – Landesgeschichten im transatlantischen Vergleich offered in Regional History.

JMU students from all faculties have the opportunity to study at Flagler College for a semester.

JMU students and faculty are once again able to join the Flagler College community in Florida. The 2019 Flagler-JMU Summer School laid a groundwork for intensive on-site interaction that could be re-activated in September 2022 with the ten-day excursion co-organized by JMU Regional History and English & American Studies. JMU and Flagler students were able to meet, debate, and together deepen their perspectives on pressing social and political questions such as the legacies of the Civil Rights Movement and ongoing struggles for racial justice and issues gender discourse, identities, and rights in the present moment.

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