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American Studies


Liminality and the Short Story

University of Würzburg, Germany

March 7-10, 2013

Prof. Dr. Jochen Achilles, University of Würzburg, Germany: co-editor of Liminale Anthropologien: Zwischenzeiten, Schwellenphänomene, Zwischenräume in Literatur und Philosophie (forthcoming 2012); author of Sheridan Le Fanu und die schauerromantische Tradition: Zur psychologischen Funktion der Motivik von Sensationsroman und Geistergeschichte (1991); for further information see: http://www.anglistik.uni-wuerzburg.de/mitarbeiter/amerikanistik/achilles

Dr. Michael Basseler, Justus-Liebig-University, Gießen, Germany: co-editor of A History of the American Short Story: Genres – Classics – Model Interpretations (2011); for further information see: http://www.uni-giessen.de/cms/faculties/f05/engl/lit/staff/lra/bass?language_sync=1

Prof. Alfred Bendixen, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX, USA: co-editor of A Companion to the American Short Story (2010); for further information see: http://www.english.tamu.edu/people/abendixen

PD Dr. Ina Bergmann, University of Würzburg, Germany: author of And Then the Child Becomes a Woman: Weibliche Initiation in der amerikanischen Kurzgeschichte 1865-1970 (2003); for further information see: http://www.anglistik.uni-wuerzburg.de/mitarbeiter/amerikanistik/bergmann/

Prof. Jeff Birkenstein, St. Martin's University, Lacey, WA, USA: co-editor of Cultural Representation in the International Short Story Sequence  (forthcoming 2012); co-editor of Reframing 9/11: Film, Popular Culture and the "War on Terror" (2010); for further information see: http://www.stmartin.edu/humanities/faculty.aspx

Prof. Dr. Carmen Birkle, Philipps-University, Marburg, Germany: author of Migration - Miscegenation - Transculturation: Writing Multicultural America into the Twentieth Century (2004); for further information see: http://www.uni-marburg.de/fb10/iaa/institut/personal/birkle

Dr. Kasia Boddy, Faculty of English, University of Cambridge, UK: editor of The New Penguin Book of American Short Stories, from Washington Irving to Lydia Davis (2011); author of The American Short Story Since 1950 (2010); for further information see: http://www.english.cam.ac.uk/people/Boddy/Kasia/

Prof. Dr. Renate Brosch, University of Stuttgart, Germany: author of Short Story: Textsorte und Leseerfahrung (2007); co-editor of Transgressions – Cultural Interventions in the Global Manifold (2005); for further information see: http://www.uni-stuttgart.de/nel/mitarbeiter/Brosch.html

Prof. Glenda Carpio, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA: co-editor of African American Literary Studies: New Texts, New Approaches, New Challenges (2011); author of Laughing Fit to Kill: Black Humor in the Fictions of Slavery (2008); for further information see: http://aaas.fas.harvard.edu/directory/faculty/glenda-r-carpio

Dr. Ailsa Cox, Edge Hill University, Ormskirk, UK: author of Writing Short Stories (2005) and Alice Munro (2004); editor of Teaching the Short Story (2011) and The Short Story (2009); general editor of Short Fiction in Theory and Practice; writer of The Real Louise and Other Stories (2009) and Like Ice, Like Fire (2006); for further information see: http://www.edgehill.ac.uk/profiles/ailsa-cox

Dr. Claire Drewery, Sheffield Hallam University, UK: author of Modernist Short Fiction by Women: The Liminal in Katherine Mansfield, Dorothy Richardson, May Sinclair and Virginia Woolf (2011); for further information see: http://shu.academia.edu/ClaireDrewery

Prof. Susan Lohafer, University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA, USA: author of Reading for Storyness: Preclosure Theory, Empirical Poetics, and Culture in the Short Story (2003) and Coming to Terms with the Short Story (1983); co-editor of The Tales We Tell: Perspectives on the Short Story (1998) and Short Story Theory at a Crossroads (1989); for further information see: http://www.english.uiowa.edu/faculty/profiles/lohafer.shtml

Dr. Paul March-Russell, University of Kent, Canterbury, UK: author of The Short Story: An Introduction (2009); general editor of SF Storyworlds: Critical Studies in Science Fiction; for further information see: http://www.kent.ac.uk/secl/complit/staff/march-russell.html

Prof. Dr. Reingard M. Nischik, University of Konstanz, Germany: author of Engendering Genre: The Works of Margaret Atwood (2009); editor of The Canadian Short Story: Interpretations (2007), Short Short Stories Universal (22005), American Love Stories (2003), New York Fiction (2000), and American Film Stories (1996); for further information see: www.litwiss.uni-konstanz.de/nischik (participation canceled)

Prof. Dr. Susanne Rohr, Hamburg University, Germany: co-editor of Wahnsinn in der Kunst: Kulturelle Imaginationen vom Mittelalter bis zum 21. Jahrhundert (2011); for further information see: http://www.uni-hamburg.de/iaa/rohr.html

Prof. Dr. Oliver Scheiding, Johannes-Gutenberg-University, Mainz, Germany: co-editor of Re-Visioning the Past: Historical Self-Reflexivity in American Short Fiction (1998); for further information see: http://www.english-and-linguistics.uni-mainz.de/200.php