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Englische Literatur- und Kulturwissenschaft

Conferences and research projects

Research projects


New Terrains of Consciousness: Globalization, Sensory Environments and Local Cultures of Knowledge
A research collaboration of the Chair of English Literature with the Department of English at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.



Toxic! Toxicity In-Between the Humanities and Natural Sciences

International Online Symposium 18/11/2022
Anna Frieda Kuhn  and Adrian Döring



Workshop Early Modern Studies

Dr. Johannes Schlegel  and Prof. Dr. Zeno Ackermann, 27-28/11/2021

Globalization and New Terrains of Consciousness: Phenomenologies of the Global/Local/Glocal.

International Conference, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, in collaboration with the Chair of English Literature at JMU Würzburg, 08-10.02.2021

Imagining Migration, Knowing Migration: Intermedial Perspectives

International online conference, 25-26.02.2021.
PD Dr. Miriam Wallraven  (JMU Würzburg), Dr. Jennifer Leetsch (JMU Würzburg) and JProf. Frederike Middelhoff (University of Hamburg)



Globalized (Neo-)Classicisms? Uses of Antiquity in Contemporary World Literatures.

International Online Symposium 10-11/12/2020
Anna Frieda Kuhn  and Isabel Eder, UGC-DAAD-IGP programme 'Literature in a Globalized World'



Die Feministische Aufklärung in Europa / The Feminist Enlightenment Across Europe 

International Conference, 05.-07.07.2018
Isabel Karremann

Formen der Selbstthematisierung in der vormodernen Lyrik

Colloquium in Würzburg, 14.-17.03.2018
Isabel Karremann



Ben Jonson: Literary Transactions Across Cultural Environments

International Conference, 29.06.-01.07.2017
Isabel Karremann