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    Research projects

    New Terrains of Consciousness: Globalization, Sensory Environments and Local Cultures of Knowledge
    A research collaboration of the Chair of English Literature with the Department of English at Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi.



    Workshop Early Modern Studies
    Dr. Johannes Schlegel and Prof. Dr. Zeno Ackermann, 27-28/11/2021

    Globalization and New Terrains of Consciousness: Phenomenologies of the Global/Local/Glocal.

    International Conference, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi, in collaboration with the Chair of English Literature at JMU Würzburg, 08-10.02.2021


    Imagining Migration, Knowing Migration: Intermedial Perspectives
    International online conference, 25-26.02.2021.
    PD Dr. Miriam Wallraven (JMU Würzburg), Dr. Jennifer Leetsch (JMU Würzburg) and JProf. Frederike Middelhoff (University of Hamburg)




    Globalized (Neo-)Classicisms? Uses of Antiquity in Contemporary World Literatures.

    International Online Symposium 10-11/12/2020

    Organised by the UGC-DAAD-IGP programme 'Literature in a Globalized World'



    Die Feministische Aufklärung in Europa / The Feminist Enlightenment Across Europe 
    International Conference, 05.-07.07.2018

    Formen der Selbstthematisierung in der vormodernen Lyrik
    Colloquium in Würzburg, 14.-17.03.2018


    Ben Jonson: Literary Transactions Across Cultural Environments
    International Conference, 29.06.-01.07.2017