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    Geolingual Studies

    Dr. Dr. Alena Soloshenko

    Geolingual Studies
    Room: 202 GLS (Gabäude 52)
    Phone: +49 931 3181652
    Email: alena.soloshenko@uni-wuerzburg.de 


    "My work focuses on examining the interconnections between language, cognition and emotion in the context of urbanisation in megacities and smart cities. I specialise in cognitive semantics, corpus-based analysis and multimodal discourse analysis and am interested in human-nature relationships and the aesthetics of everyday urban places."

    Dr. Richard Lemoine Rodriguez

    Geolingual Studies
    Room: 202 GLS (Gabäude 52)
    Phone: +49 931 31-81019
    Email: richard.lemoine-rodriguez@uni-wuerzburg.de   


    "My research integrates concepts and state-of-the-art methods from urban ecology, geoinformatics and digital humanities to generate evidence-based knowledge to contribute to making more livable cities. I focus on the spatiotemporal characterization of the physical and social urban dimensions, aiming to unveil complex interconnections and counterintuitive relationships between humans and their main habitat: Cities."

    Anke Pickert

    Sebastian Düker

    Moritz Rösch