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15 June 2023, 16-18 (c.t.), 
Philosophiegebäude, Ü6. Please register via

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New essay collection and new series

Can cultural studies attend to the problems of our globalized world? Or is this project of “engaged scholarship” too deeply rooted in the parochial terrain of the national? This collection of essays – the first volume in the new JMU Cultural Studies publication series – attends to this vital yet difficult question. Based on joint seminars bringing together emerging scholars from Germany and India, the contributions confront “classic texts” from US-American, British, and Indian cultural studies with the specific concerns and contemporary perspectives of the authors.

German Shakespeare Society

In April 2023, Prof. Kirsten Sandrock was elected vice president of the German Shakespeare Society. She will work together closely with Prof. Sybille Baumbach, the newly elected president of the German Shakespeare Society, and continue the internationally renowned work of the society. Prof. Sandrock is particularly interested in bringing young scholars to the Shakespeare Society and in opening Shakespeare up for both academic and non-academic contexts.

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'Body Motion' by Fiona Hildenbrand

'with/out reservation' by Rudi Gremels