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    Lehre / teaching

    Selected courses:

    • Contemporary Irish Life Writing
    • Christian Poetry Through the Ages
    • Der Literaturnobelpreis: Das herausragendste Werk gewinnt? Autoren & Autorinnen auf der großen Bühne (Ringvorlesung)
    • The Image of the Witch in Literature (Poetry and Prose)
    • Revolutionary Feminism: Women's Writing in the 1790s between Politics and Sensibility
    • Queer Postcolonial Literature
    • Reading the Classics: Gulliver's Travels
    • Introduction to Poetry Analysis 
    • The Figure of the Vampire in Literature
    • Hybrid genres and genders: Angela Carter's literary experiments
    • Staatesexamensklausur: Narrative und expositorische Texte im 19. Jahrhundert
    • Feminist Dystopia
    • English Short Stories
    • Reading the Classics: Jane Eyre
    • Refugee Tales: New British Refugee Literature
    • 19th Century British Women Authors
    • Postmodern Novels
    • Analysing narrative fiction: Margaret Atwood
    • Literature of Migration
    • Religious Poetry
    • Reading Feminist Key Texts from the 18th to the 20th Century
    • The Condition of England Novel in the 19th Century
    • Dystopias of Surveillance and Control in Literature and Film
    • Adventure Literature: Imaginary Travelogues from the Sixteenth to the Eighteenth Century
    • Metafictional Multiplot Novels
    • War and Literature: Contemporary British Novels
    • Early Modern Women Authors:  Cavendish and Behn
    • The Occult and the Religious in Twentieth-Century Literature
    • Postcolonial Literature, Spirituality, and Politics
    • Cross-Dressing in Early Modern Drama and Prose
    • Utopian Worlds:  Gender and Politics in 20th Century Literature
    • British Women's Travel Writing from the 17th to the 19th Century
    • Gender and Utopia/Dystopia
    • Introduction to Literary Studies
    • Introduction to the Analysis of Prose
    • The (R)Evolution of Feminist Writing
    • Academic Writing in English