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    Selected Recent Publications:

    Cultural Techniques of Literature (= special issue of ZAA 66.2 (2018)), ed. with Susanne Bayerlipp and Ralf Haekel (in print).

    The Institution of English Literature: Formation and Mediation. Göttingen: V&Runipress, 2017, ed. with Barbara Schaff & Carola Surkamp.

    “‘Disjoint and Out of Frame’: Hamlet and the Problem of Synchrony”, ZAA 66.2 (2018), (in print).

    “Raymond Williams (1921–1988), Culture and Society, 1780–1950 (1958)”, KulturPoetik 18.1 (2018), 107-115.

    “By Way of Introduction. Stoner, Black Boxes, Institutions,” in: Schlegel / Schaff / Surkamp (eds.), The Institution of English Literature. Formation and Mediation. 1-24.

    “Mary Shelley: Frankenstein”, in: Ralf Haekel (Hgg.): A Handbook of British Romanticism: Text and Theory. Berlin / New York: De Gruyter, 2017, 523-539.

    “‘Minded like the Weather, most unquietly’: Inquietude, Nature, and King Lear”, Shakespeare Seminar 14 (2016), 36-49.