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Dr. Johannes SCHLEGEL

Research Associate
English Literature and British Cultural Studies
Room 5.E.17
Phone: +49 931 31-81116

Dr. Schlegel is on leave this semester and will substitute the professorship for Cultural Studies at the University of Leipzig.

Office Hours

Office hours by appointment, please register via e-mail

Research focus:

  • English and Australian Literature (esp. Early Modern, Romantic, Contemporary)
  • (British) Cultural Studies
  • Time & Temporality
  • Literature and Media Theory: Mediality - Materiality - Cultural Techniques
  • Narratives of Self-Improvement in Contemporary Culture (Procrastination, Hoarding, Asceticism)
  • Gothic and Horror Studies

Winter 2021/22

  • HS Most Recent Literary Publications
  • VL Introduction to British Cultural Studies

Sommer 2021

  • HS Crises in Contempory Fiction
  • VL Introduction to British Cultural Studies
  • Ü Staatsexamensvorbereitungskurs Drama bis 1700

Winter 2020/21

  • HS Strong Affects: Disgust and Abjection in Shakespeare
  • VL Introduction to British Cultural Studies
  • HS Literarische Rezensionen schreiben

Sommer 2020

  • HS Romantic Orientalism
  • Ü Staatsexamensvorbereitungskurs Drama bis 1700

Winter 2019/20

  • HS Staging Violence in Early Modern Drama: Shakespeare, Marlowe, Kyd
  • PS Shakespeare on Screen
  • PS Literarische Rezensionen schreiben

Sommer 2019

  • HS Money Matters: Literature and Economy in the Age of Shakespeare
  • HS Monsters and Monstrosity in 19th-Century Literature
  • PS Grundlagen der Lyrikanalyse
  • Ü Vorbereitungskurs Staatsexamen – Kulturgeschichte der Renaissance
  • Ü Rezensionen schreiben

Winter 2018/19

  • HS 18th-Century It-Narratives
  • PS Victorian Children’s Literature
  • PS Introduction to the Analysis of Poetry
  • Ü Vorbereitungskurs Staatsexamen – Kulturgeschichte der Renaissance
  • Ü Rezensionen schreiben

Sommer 2018

  • HS Victorian Literature and Material Culture
  • HS Romanticism and the Problem of Evil
  • HS Seafarers and Pirates in Early Modern Culture
  • Ü Vorbereitungskurs Staatsexamen – Kulturgeschichte der Renaissance
  • Ü Literarische Rezensionen schreiben

Winter 2017/18

  • PS Female Romantics
  • PS Time and Temporality in Shakespeare
  • Ü Vorbereitungskurs Staatsexamen – Kulturgeschichte der Renaissance
  • Ü Literarische Rezensionen schreiben
  • Ü Raymond Williams – Cultural Materialism

Winter 2016/17

  • HS Gender Performativity in Shakespearean Comedy

Sommer 2016

  • HS Michel Foucault: The Order of Things

Winter 2015/16

  • PS 19th-Century Scottish Literature: Hogg & Stevenson
  • PS Introduction to Literary Studies

Sommer 2015

  • VL Cultural and Media Theory. A Survey.
  • PS Introduction to British Cultural Studies

Winter 2014/15

  • PS Diaspora Culture(s)

Winter 2013/14

  • PS Introduction to Cultural Studies I
  • PS Introduction to Cultural Studies II
  • PS The Meaning of Style – Fashion and Identity

Sommer 2013

  • PS Uncanny Media – Gothic Novel, Comics, and Film
  • PS Fashion in/and Cultural Studies

Winter 2012/13

  • PS Cultural Keyword. Key Concepts in Cultural and Intercultural Studies
  • PS Academic Writing

Sommer 2012

  • PS Introduction to Reading and Analysing Drama

Winter 2011/12

  • PS 20th-Century Lyrical Poetry: From Wilfred Owen to Carol Ann Duffy

Sommer 2011

  • PS Romanticism and the Life Sciences

Winter 2010/11

  • PS The Gothic Novel: Texts and Contexts

Sommer 2010

  • PS The Occult in Early Modern Drama

Winter 2009/10

  • PS Rethinking Postmodernism

Sommer 2008

  • PS Die Regeln der Bedeutung



1. Anthropologie und Medialität des Bösen bei Blake, Hogg und Byron. Trier: WVT, 2022 (= Studien zur Englischen Romantik) [in Vorbereitung].

2. Negative Diskursivität? Baudrillard, Foucault und die Grenzen des Diskursiven. Saarbrücken: VDM, 2008.

Edited Collections

1. Media Ecologies of Literature. London: Bloomsbury, 2022. [under contract, submitted. Zusammen mit Susanne Bayerlipp und Ralf Haekel].

2. Literature and Cultural Techniques. Themenheft der ZAA 66.2 (2018) [zusammen mit Susanne Bayerlipp und Ralf Haekel].

3. The Institution of English Literature: Formation and Mediation. Göttingen: V&Runipress, 2017. [zusammen mit Barbara Schaff und Carola Surkamp].

4. Postcolonial Justice. Reassessing the Fair Go. Trier: WVT, 2016 (= KOALAS 13) [Zusammenarbeit mit den Herausgeberinnen Anja Schwarz und Gigi Adair].

5. Challenging Evil: Time, Society, and Changing Concepts of the Meaning of Evil. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2010 [zusammen mit Brita Hansen].


Reviews and Translations

1. Review: “Karoline Johanna Baumann, The Stage as Palimpsest: Conceptions of Time and Temporality in Shakespeare's Troilus and Cressida and The Two Noble Kinsmen". Nomos 2018. In: Shakespeare- Jahrbuch 2020, 308-309.

2. Jane O. Newman, „Zweifelhafte Sichtbarkeiten: Das Welttheater im deutschen Trauespiel“, in: Björn Quiring (Hg.), Theatrum Mundi. Die Metapher des Welttheaters von Shakespeare bis Beckett. Berlin: August, 2012.

3. „‘Microhistories of Displaced Things and Persons’. Wird der New Historicism bodenständig?“, in: KulturPoetik 12.1 (2012), 125-128. (Über: Stephen Greenblatt et al., Cultural Mobility. A Manifesto).

4. „Ins Fabelbuch geschrieben. Ein Sammelband über Absenz und Faszination des Bösen“, in: KulturPoetik 10.1 (2010), 125-128. (Über: Werner Faulstich (Hg.), Das Böse heute. Formen und Funktionen.)

Selected Talks

1. “Disgust in the Contact Zone: Strong Affect(s) in Early Modern Intercultural Contact” (Conceptualizing Intercultural Contact in Early Modern Britain and Beyond, 21. Oktober 2021, Bielefeld).

2. “Terraqueous Traffic. Walter Ralegh’s Pirate Infrastructure“ (Literature in a Globalized World, 24.-25. Februar 2020, Delhi).

3. “‘Turning th’accomplishment of many years / Into an hour-glass’: Relating History in King Henry V” (Changing Histories: Rethinking the Early Modern History Play, 4.-5. Juli 2019, London).

4. “‘With duns and with debts we will soon clear our score’: Walter Scott and the Temporality of Liability” (Romanticism and Time, 8.-10. November 2018, Lille ).

5. “Structures of Feeling: Negotiating Things and Selfs in Contemporary Culture“ (Beyond Crisis: Reassessing Raymond Williams’s Cultural Materialism, 19.-21. Januar 2018, Potsdam).

6. “Ascetic Bodies and the Care of the Self in Contemporary Culture“ (Political Bodies: Annual Conference of the German Association for the Study of British Cultures 23.-25. November 2017Dortmund).

7. “The Birth of Procrastination from the Spirit of Reformation: The Temporality of Hamlet“ (Anglistentag 2017, 20.-23. September 2017, Regensburg).

8. „‘And in the red clouds rose a Wonder o’er the Atlantic sea’. Mythos, Materialität und Aufklärung bei William Blake“ (Forschungskolloquium Transatlantische Aufklärung: Erfahrungen von Identität und Alterität im 18. Jahrhundert, 19. Juni 2017, Paderborn).

9. “‘I would prefer not to.’ Procrastination and Cultural Politics“ (The Times of Culture and the Cultures of Time, 17.-19. November 2016).

10. “‘Time matters, too.’ Materiality of Time and the Postcolonial in Salman Rushdi’s Midnight’s Children (The Postcolonial and the Material, 5.-7. Mai 2016, Augsburg).

11. “On the (In)Quietude of Nature in Shakespeare“ (Wissenschaftliches Seminar, Shakespeare-Tage 23.- 24. April 2016, Bochum).

12. “‘Repetition’s tiresome and unwise’. Seriality and Narration in Don Juan“ (Narratives of Romanticism, 08.-11. Oktober 2015, Wuppertal).

13. “’There is no such thing as broken Britain?', Crises, the Political Aesthetic and (Minor) Cosmopolitanism in M.I.A. and PlanB“ (Quo Vadis Great Britain? Britishness in the Year of the Waterloo Bicentennial, 14.-16. September 2015, München).

14. “On the Mediality of Evil“ (Forschungskolloquium 27. November 2014, München).

15. “Procrastination in Shakespeare’s The Tempest" (Procrastination: Cultural Explorations 2. Juli 2014, Oxford).

16. “James Hogg and the Romantic Medium of Literature“ (Romanticism and Knowledge 10.-13. Oktober 2013, München).

17. “Family Horror, Recent Trends in Gothic Film“ (14. November 2011, München).