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    Courses taught

    Beginning Theory: Schlüsseltexte der angloamerikanischen Literatur- und Kulturtheorie

    Victorian Poetry: Poems, Poetics, Politics

    Aliens, Cyborgs, Robots: Posthumanism and the Technological Imaginary in Modern Film

    Poetry and Ideology

    George Orwell

    Over their Dead Bodies: Representing Death in Film, Art and Writing

    Poets, Activists, Librarians: British Poetry after 1945

    Violence on the Screen

    Ironische Kommunikation: Struktur, Geschichte, Rhetorik

    Victorian into Modern: British Poetry from Matthew Arnold to T. S. Eliot

    Into the Modern Wasteland: Apocalyptic Fantasies

    Tourists with Typewriters: Episodes in British Travel Writing

    Introduction to Cultural Studies

    British Cinema of the Sixties and the Permissive Society

    The Great Code: The English Bible and/as Literature

    The English sonnet in context

    Sentimental to Queer: the Literature of Emotional Extremes

    British Twentieth-Century Drama

    Literature and Science

    Culture, Literature and Psychoanalysis

    Victorian Painting

    The Literature(s) of the Fin de Siècle

    British Dystopias

    How to Read The Waste Land

    British Short Stories

    English Literature, colonial to postcolonial

    British Romantic Poetry

    Applied New Historicism: The Circulation of Social Energies in English Literature (lecture)

    The Modernist Novel (lecture)