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    Forschung / research

    • Postcolonial Studies
    • Diaspora and Migration Studies  
    • Gender and Queer Studies
    • Disability Studies
    • Black British and Afro-Diasporic Literature
    • Love and Romance Studies

    My PhD project, titled "Be/longing: At the Intersections of Love and Space in Contemporary Afro-Diasporic Women's Writing" (submitted 07/2018), examined contemporary novels, poems and performances by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, Zadie Smith, Helen Olajumoke Oyeyemi, Shailja Patel and Warsan Shire. In the texts selected for this study, the thinking-together of space and love designates feminist and radical creations of borderlands (Anzaldúa), third spaces (Bhabha) and contact zones (Pratt) –  all as such generated by women “ from everywhere and nowhere, women who struggle against imperial patriarchies, capitalist, normative, nationalist structures in place within and beyond their own communities”  (Subramanian 2018, n. pag.). By dealing with geo-political issues such as neo-colonialism, refugee crises and diasporic displacement in a globalised twenty-first-century world and by simultaneously depicting the vulnerable, private spheres of love and desire inhabited by mainly black, queer and female characters, these texts manage to wilfully re-negotiate ostensible oppositions between public and private, global and intimate.

    • Afrikazentrum and Junges Afrikazentrum (JAZ), Universität Würzburg
    • GAPS (Gesellschaft für Anglophone Postkoloniale Studien)
    • EACLALS (European Association for Commonwealth Literature and Language Studies)
    • ALA (African Literature Association)

    • Research Grant, Jubiläumsstiftung University of Würzburg. Research stay at the British Library, Goldsmiths University, and London Metropolitan Archives (UK), 2017.
    • Travel Grant, DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service). Attendance of the Annual ALA (African Literature Association) Conference, Yale University (US), 2017.
    • Erasmus Scholarship. King's College London (UK), 2010-2011.