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    • SoSe 23

    '"Modern" Tragedy: From Antiquity to Now'

    • WiSe 22/23

    23.03.: 'Land Rover and the Colonial Imagination' (teaching unit as part of the workshop 'Automobility Studies'; Dr. Johannes Schlegel)

    'Cold War Britain & Literary Representation'

    • SoSe 22

    'Science Fiction: The Legacy of H.G. Wells'

    • WiSe 21/22

    08.03.: Teaching unit with ecocritical scholar and lecturer Camille Lavoix on OSS 117: Alerte rouge en Afrique noire (as part of her seminar 'Unsafari the Savannah')

    'Ian Fleming's James Bond: A Very English Myth?'

    • SoSe 21

    'The Memory of Apartheid: South African Theatre as a Living Archive'

    • WiSe 20/21

    'The Fiction of Globalisation: Coetzee and Rushdie in the Cultural Marketplace'