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English Literature and Cultural Studies


  • poetics in context / aesthetics and ideology
  • media and the novel
  • the cultural management of violence and war
  • human/animal relations
  • figuration
  • articulation
  • popular music culture
  • Shakespeare and modern/contemporary culture

  • Precarious figurations – Shylock on the German stage, 1920–2010 (book project in co-authorship with Sabine Schülting, FU Berlin; further Information
  • Fictions of memory – Mediation and dissociation in British novels on the Second World War; further Information

  • 'Talking about my g-g-generation' – Articulation and popular music (research project)
  • Interspecies articulation / Cross-species hermeneutics (research project)
  • The UK, Europe, and the postcolonial world between national and transnational frames of mnemonic reference (framework for upcoming projects)
  • See also under 'Zur Person/About me'.