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Our Teaching and Study Programs

American Studies is an area of focus within the broader frameworks of the English and American Studies Department and New Philological Institute at the JMU Würzburg.

For students studying at the Bachelor  level and within Lehramt programs, introductory lectures lay the groundwork for literary analysis (Veranst.Nr. 04093430), cultural/media studies (Veranst.Nr. 04093450), and the study of texts in the contexts of US-American history (Veranst.Nr. 04093010). Further lectures on key aspects of US-American literature, culture, and modern media landscapes are offered in the "Vorlesungsmodul"/"Lecture Module" (Veranst.Nr. 04093010 and 04093110).

We also regularly offer seminars with a writing emphasis for early-stage students and courses geared towards students preparing for the Staatsexam as well as specialization modules for Masters-level students.

In sum, collaborative teaching formats and project-based learning are key elements of our pedagogical program from the first semester of your studies to graduate work within the frameworks of the Graduate School of the Humanities.

For an impression of the range of the topics and teaching formats offered in American Studies, please visit our archive of current and past courses. An overview of modules and study programs can be found on the Prüfungsamt's webpage Modulhandbücher und SFBs.