English Teaching Methodology

SDG in Teaching

Networking at JMU: Education for Sustainable Development in Teaching

Motivated by the “Tag der Lehre” in November 2021, with the topic "Education for Sustainable Development" – or briefly, ESD – many colleagues have engaged in an interdisciplinary exchange about the significance and integration of ESD in teaching at JMU. Since the summer term 2022, the network "SDG in University Teaching" has evolved, focusing on the various dimensions and imparting design competencies that constitute successful ESD.

To achieve this goal, the TEFL Chair collaborates closely with the JMU team of the Teaching4Sustainability transformation experiment. Together, we contemplate what future-oriented teaching should look like, what guidelines are necessary, and how we can shape them at JMU.

The initial results regarding sustainability in teaching are already visible. Sustainability in teaching has been anchored in the new university contract, quality goals for teaching are currently being revised, and the processes initiated as a result are being co-shaped collaboratively and further explored within the framework of higher education.