Lehrstuhl für Englische Sprachwissenschaft


    Marie-Christin HIMMEL, M.A.

    Research Fellow

    Research Interests

    Phonetics and Phonology, Crosslinguistic influence, Bilingualism, Language Attrition, Second Language Acquisition, Language Variation and Change, Language Universals, Varieties of English (esp. American English), Sociolinguistics.

    Current Research

    Phonetic and phonological characteristics of L1 English and L2 German in long-term migrants, (Non-)Rhoticity in L1 and L2, Crosslinguistic Influence, Bilingualism across the life-span, the influence of social factors and language proficiency on L1 retention.

    University of Würzburg

    July 2013: Magister Artium in English Linguistics, English Literature and Volkskunde/Europäische Ethnologie

    University of Würzburg (Winter Term 2013 - Present)

    Introduction to English Linguistics
    Varieties of English
    Language Contact
    Language Evolution
    Research Methods in Linguistics

    Queen Mary University of London (January - March 2018)

    Bilingualism and Multilingualism


    Phonetic and phonological aspects of (non-)rhoticity: Does L1 attrition mirror L2 acquisition? Paper presented at the International Symposium on Bilingualism (ISB11). University of Limerick, Ireland. June 11-15 2017.

    Phonetic invariance in L2 modulates allophonic realizations in L1: Evidence from bilingual production of laterals. Paper presented at Old World Conference on Phonology (OCP 14). University of Düsseldorf (with Barış Kabak). February 20-22 2017.

    Categorical and acoustic changes to rhoticity in bilinguals. Poster presented at 12. Tagung Phonetik und Phonologie im deutschsprachigen Raum, München (with Barış Kabak). October 13-14 2016.

    Who’s that girl? The phonetics of second dialect acquisition in the speech of Madonna. Paper presented at FJUEL 6.0, Würzburg. September 16 2016.

    Post-pubescent long-term exposure to non-rhoticity causes qualitative and quantitative changes in the realization of postvocalic /r/. Poster presented at the Biennial Conference on Laboratory Phonology (LabPhon15), Cornell University, Ithaca, United States (with Barış Kabak). July 13-16 2016.

    Adaptation or attrition? L1 rhoticity in American English-German late bilinguals. Presentation at the Third international conference on Language Attrition (ICLA3), University of Essex, United Kingdom (with Barış Kabak). July 5-7 2016.

    Adaptive decline of an L1 process due to long-term exposure to an L2: Vicissitudes of rhoticity in American English-German late bilinguals. Paper presented at the workshop "The role of interaction in language development and loss throughout the lifespan", University of Essex, United Kingdom (with Barış Kabak). April 26 2016.

    The loss and variable realization of /r/ in a rhotic language: Evidence from post-pubescent exposure to non-rhoticity. Paper presented at the 13th Old World Conference in Phonology, Budapest, Hungary (with Barış Kabak). January 13-16 2016.

    The loss and variable realization of /r/ in a rhotic language: Evidence from post-pubescent exposure to non-rhoticity. Linguistisches Kolloquium, Winter 2015, Universität Würzburg (with Barış Kabak).

    Rhoticity in Language Attrition: The case of American English-German Bilinguals. Paper presented at the 25th Annual Conference of the European Second Language Association. Université d’Aix-Marseille, France (with Barış Kabak), August 26-29 2015.