Englische Fachdidaktik

    Claudia Deetjen

    Global and inter/transcultural learning through narratives of the refugee crisis

    Prof. (i.V.) Dr. Claudia Deetjen


    Today’s world is characterized by processes of globalisation, by worldwide economic, political and cultural interconnections, seemingly limitless opportunities in global transport and communications. It is also defined by a shared sense of crisis regarding environmental issues of global concern or the worldwide migration of people as a consequence of conflicts and war. The project at hand looks at a wide range of Anglophone narratives about (in)voluntary migration, displacement and asylum due to crisis or war, economic disparity or environmental catastrophe. Focusing on both fiction and non-fictional texts – ranging from novels and plays, graphic novels and graphic reporting, films or digital databases, it explores how these texts may be used in the foreign language classroom in order to foster key inter/transcultural and global skills such as knowledge about global issues, a critical awareness of media representation of asylum issues as well as empathy and a sense of joint responsibility as ‘global citizens.‘

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