[Talk] TEFL Methodology joins GoTEd Week

As part of the GoTEd-Week – the annual conference of the project „Global Teacher Education“ – Franziska Pukowski and Cornelia Savelsberg gave insights into current issues and research areas of TEFL methodology like differentiation, digitalisation and taboo topics of foreign language education. The presentation received very positive feedback from an international audience and we are looking forward to continuing this cooperation.

For more information on the GoTEd-Week see here

[Cooperation] Irish Studies Würzburg

For researchers and students alike, Irish Studies Würzburg (ISWÜ) offers the possibility to learn about the Irish language, literature and culture. In the course of talks and workshops, participants can exchange ideas and thoughts on current issues and historical aspects of contemporary Irish Studies.

ISWÜ has already been inviting many guest lecturers to the University of Würzburg and takes part in cooperation events. As a co-founder of Irish Studies Würzburg, TEFL chair Prof. Maria Eisenmann is very active with supporting this cooperation.

Follow ISWÜ for news and upcoming events.

[Talk] Histoire des idée dans la recherche en didactique des langues: 1945-2015

Culture is a crucial part of foreign language learning and as such a prominent topic of international conferences and events. TEFL methodoloy is happy to join this transnational discourse.

In this context, Jennifer Meier gave an online talk on „The influence of the zeitgeist on the development of cultural learning in foreign language teaching in Germany from 1945 to the present” at the international colloquium Histoire des idées dans la recherche en didactique des langues: 1945-2015 presented by the University of Tours, France.

If you are interested in Jennifer Meier’s research, click here


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