Englische Fachdidaktik - TEFL Methodology

    Mental Health Symposium


    This event aims to explore mental health in foreign language education from various theoretical and practice-oriented perspectives. We welcome practising teachers, teacher trainers, lecturers, and researchers.

    Mental health plays an increasingly important role in (English) teaching and affects everyone involved - teachers, learners, trainees and students. At the same time, the topic is still often associated with stigmas. In foreign language teaching, there are a number of possibilities and topics to address the issue in class and to sensitise teachers and learners to it. These include, for example, trauma as a result of refugee experience or experiences of exclusion and racism, bullying, physical and psychological experiences of violence, as well as psychological and physical limitations. Furthermore, the topic also plays a role in teacher training, e.g. in the form of (mental) health of teachers and learners and resilience in school, study and work.

    In order to shed light on these topics from different theoretical and practice-oriented perspectives, the Chair of English Methodology (JMU Würzburg)  in cooperation with the University (freie Universität) of Berlin and the University of Bamberg is organising a virtual symposium on the topic of "Mental Health in Foreign Language Education" on 26 and 27 November. It is the second symposium in the series "Taboo Topics in Foreign Language Education" and at the same time represents this year's 6th Day of Foreign Language Didactics (TEFL Day) of the Chair. Interested teachers, trainees, lecturers, researchers and students are cordially invited to attend. Registration is not required; simply follow the zoom link to the event: https://uni-wuerzburg.zoom.us/j/92789610300?pwd=UUp1cjQyVTRTUmdOcHhNTW5KODF1QT0